Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Day 1 (Well, night 1 really)



February has been an awesome month in terms of taking care of my health. I've not only felt better but also have more energy. Unfortunately, I feel like  I'm starting to slack off. These last few days have been just out of control. To get back on track, I will attempt a 3 day juice fast. I just got a new awesome and affordable juicer so I am excited to play with my new gadget. From the posts I've read, I gather that this is an effective short-term solution to get back on track. I can only fit this 3-day juice fast in now; otherwise, I'll have to wait 'til next week to start. So here I go.    Ready. Set. Juice.

The 5 Ws

Who: 27yo female-ex-smoker, and caffeine addict
What: 3-day juice fast. Juice comprising of 60% vegetables and 40% fruits. I will drink my usual 9+ glasses of water a day. 
When: Tuesday, February 25 5pm to Friday, February 28 5pm
Where: Here, there, and anywhere I can
Why: To get off this steadily increasing path of unhealthy eating

Anticipated Problems
Not having enough energy. While I know that I should get off caffeine completely during this, I will drink my usual cup(s) of black coffee to avoid caffeine withdrawal. I shall attempt to get rid of my caffeine addiction some other time

Hunger. If I get really hungry, I will eat a vegetarian meal. According to Joe Cross's 3-day fast, I should eat an all vegetable meal for dinner. I'll only do this id I get really hungry. I've done the Master Cleanse so I don't anticipate 3 days being a problem.

What to expect from my blog

Recipes and nutrition information. Will use my scale and http://juicerecipes.com/build/ to get nutritional information

Tonight's Juice